Frequently asked questions

General Questions

How does FirstGen manage all organizations in a blockchain network with diverse infrastructure vendors?

FirstGen relies on Kubernetes to manage a hybrid cloud and on-premises network. The image below shows how FirstGen works: Using Kubernetes and tons of automation scripts, FirstGen enables Hyperledger Fabric to connect all organizations in the same network as if they were in the same infrastructure. Therefore, anything related to Hyperledger Fabric — Channels, CAs, Chaincode, etc. — is managed by FirstGen. Besides, FirstGen provides API to connect with the external application.

Which skills do I need to install FirstGen and to manage the Hyperledger Fabric network?

To install the network: 1. Cloud management: FirstGen and Hyperledger Fabric require the network to be configured properly before deployment. 2. VM creation and management: FirstGen requires a small VM (Minimum 2vCPU, 8GB memory, 10GB HD). To manage the network: 3. Hyperledger Fabric: To configure and manage your network, at least a good understanding of Hyperledger Fabric is required. 4. Kubernetes: Understanding of Kubernetes is required if you wish to deploy and manage your own Kubernetes cluster. If FirstGen is deploying your Kubernetes Cluster in the cloud or on-premises, only basic knowledge of Kubernetes is required.

Does one FirstGen license include all the companies in the network?

No, each company in the network must acquire its own license. Each participant organization may have different needs. A network is started with an administrator, who in turn, will invite all the other participating organizations.

May I use my current Enterprise Cloud Account to deploy my peer nodes?

Yes, you can. FirstGen was built with the goal of allowing every participant in a blockchain network to choose their own infrastructure strategy. Therefore, contrary to other providers, there are no limitations on which Cloud provider one may choose.

Can I deploy Hyperledger Fabric on my own servers, on-premises, if I have no knowledge of Kubernetes?

Knowledge of Kubernetes is not a prerequisite to installing Hyperledger Fabric on-premises using Firstgen. FirstGen created its own Kubernetes Management Solution, which handles the complexity of Kubernetes. Just select the on-premises Kubernetes Deployment option before installing Hyperledger Fabric and FirstGen will automatically create your on-premises Kubernetes cluster for Hyperledger Fabric. In fact, no knowledge is required, but a basic knowledge of Kubernetes is advisable.

Does FirstGen use only core Hyperledger Fabric protocol, or does it have some proprietary tools that replace core Fabric functionalities?

FirstGen uses only native Hyperledger Fabric, which makes it easier to deploy, manage and support it. In no way FirstGen will ever change native Hyperledger Fabric.

What is FirstGen?

FirstGen is a solution that automates the deployment, management and support of a production-ready Hyperledger Fabric network. All Hyperledger Fabric is native, and the deployment and management is all UI-based; therefore, no CLI is required. In addition, FirstGen enables a multi-cloud hybrid fabric network, connecting any infrastructure, which allows for a truly decentralized network. The way that FirstGen is able to allow for high-availability, multi-cloud and on-premises blockchain networks is via Kubernetes. No previous knowledge of Kubernetes is required, as FirstGen deploys Kubernetes clusters in any the main cloud providers and on-premises.

Why do I need to enter credit card information for the 30-day trial?

First, FirstGen needs to confirm your identity. Second, FirstGen will start charging your credit card if you do not cancel within 30 days.

How do I register and select a plan?

There is only way to register with FirstGen: by choosing a plan at Upon choosing a plan, you will be redirected to our login page. If you don't have an account with FirstGen yet, please click on "Don't have an account? Sign Up Here." After registering, you may proceed to payment, downloading and installing FirstGen and Hyperledger Fabric.

What is included in FirstGen's 30-day trial?

We want to make sure you not only make the best out of your free trial, but that you have every tool and feature at your disposal. Therefore, your trial includes access to all FirstGen features of the plan you've chosen to trial. This means that you can explore the full potential of our Starter and Professional plans starting on Day 1 of your free trial.